Thursday, September 17, 2020

Study   Pray   Show up   Obey

Study your Bible, don't just read or listen to it. Be actively involved in consuming the words of God.  I like reading whole books of the Bible at once over a few days.  Themes pop out and I naturally start thinking how to do the Bible.  Look up commentaries and read about the history and setting.  Most of what I write on this site comes from studying whole books of the Bible and then getting ideas from God. 

Pray daily, multiple times per day, preferably in mornings, more preferably unceasingly.  Prayer is about spending time with your good Heavenly Father, who so much wants you to know Him more.  The most you can do is pray. True God-inspired ministry starts with prayer and seeking His will. 

Show up to work, school, church, ministry events, and life.  Be social.  Be hospitable.  Show up and pray in the Spirit.  God will use you.

Obey the words of God.  Exercise and maximize your God-given faith, so it produces obedience and good works. If you are a Christian, you have sold yourself into slavery to Jesus.  You belong to Him.  But Jesus calls you His friend.  Still, do the work of a good slave which is to obey the will of your master.

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Free Download of Graphs and Charts

Holiness of Spirit, Soul and Body over Time

Spirit, soul/mind and body becomes holy at different times.  At the Rapture, all of our being is completely holy and in Heaven.  Before conversion, we are not at all holy.  After conversion and before the Rapture, we are partially holy.  

Jesus' Sacrifice Romans 3:23-26

Graph showing activities primarily of Jesus before and after the cross.  Also shows activities of God the Father, Holy Spirit and predestined people.   

Cycles of our Life

Includes choice of "praise and thanksgiving vs. pride".   When we are God-focus and praying we stay on the good cycle and choose praise and thanksgiving.  When we are self-focused and not praying we choose pride.


Defines the gospel of Jesus Christ using scripture. 

Spirit, Soul, Body, Flesh Explained

Provides the most common explanations for Spirit, Soul, Body, Flesh, Heart, Mind, Emotions,  Will, etc.  It also shows how they connect to each other and what changes at death and Rapture.


Types of People in the World

Documents groups of non-Christians and the various types of current and future Christians, God's and our view's and actions towards them, and which group we have effective evangelism and discipleship to. God has a full timeless  view of people, and we don't.  We should listen to God more.

Romans flowchart

Documents a major portion of the book of Romans especially how it pertains to current day gentile Christians.  I include other info from NT and some notes on types of people, what saving faith looks like, and some about Heaven and Hell. 

Salvation Process flowchart

This documents the salvation process, from before creation to end of the world.  It it based on my specific theological views.

Abide in the Vine flowchart

For me it started with this chart. God called me in 2003 to document John 15 vine and branches. 

Heaven and Hell 

This documents shows the parts of Heaven and Hell, and who is there at specific times in history.  The actual names of the places such as Hades and Sheol are debatable, for example some Bible translations use Sheol in place of Hades.

Links to Bible Geek Articles 

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updated 7/13/2024

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updated 7/13/2024


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your salvation 11/20/2020

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with God 11/20/2020

Some Bible verses about Christians needing to endure to the end

Hebrews 10:26-31 11/20/2020

Enduring until the end

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The Bible - an evangelism story 9/28/2020

Jews and predestination from

Romans 11 9/27/2020

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(and Brother Lawrence) 10/16/2019

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Obedience to God/Serving God

Serving God the right way 7/13/2024

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Lord, what is your will 6/20/2024

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Equipped for the mission of making disciples 1/22/2024 

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What we can learn from Job's response to 

pain and loss 4/22/2021

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look like? 6/25/2019

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Biblical instruction to or about specific groups of people

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Should we expect nonbelievers to be holy?  3/23/2022

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our church? 10/19/2019

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1 Thessalonians 10/9/2019

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Living among the unsaved 10/8/2019

No bragging 9/12/2019

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Bible Commands to Wives, Husbands, Children, 

Parents, Bond Servants, and Masters 7/25/2019

How hard is it for rich people to go to Heaven? 



The reign of the Lord's anointed (Psalm 2) 7/3/2024

Order of events of mostly people on earth in Revelation  Part 3  3/10/2023

Order of events of mostly people on earth in Revelation  Part 2  3/10/2023

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Revelation Ch. 13 6/30/2020

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Revelation Ch. 11 6/19/2020

Timeline of rapture of the church 5/11/2020

Rapture chart 4/30/2020

Daniel and Rapture and Tribulation prophecy chart 


Daniel and Tribulation detailed research 4/30/2020

Rapture scripture 4/27/2020

Lessons to today's churches from negative things 

Jesus told the 7 churches in Revelation 4/14/2020

In later times some will depart from the faith 


The end is near 10/9/2019


The fullness of God 1/22/2024

An over controlling person 1/22/2024

An angry person 1/22/2024 

Living with shame 10/20/2023

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The silent sin of men and boys (pornography) 


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Christian) 9/30/2020

That is enough 9/9/2020

Why Lord? 9/9/2020

Alone – but He is with you 9/8/2020

I will obey 9/8/2020

Predestination vs. Free Choice

A story of God's plan to reconcile His children 

to Him 9/16/2021

Why did God create people who could sin? 8/19/2020

How and when do people have free choice? 8/19/2020

Those He foreknew He chose 2/11/2020

Fairness of God 11/6/2019

Simple Calvinism vs Molinism comparison 10/30/2019

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False Christianity

Pope says Mary is not a Redeemer 3/25/2021

Christian Atheist 3/25/2021

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You do not know me (a message from a false

Christian) (poetry) 9/30/2020

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Lies Christians believe 6/28/2019

Churches, are we guilty of this? 6/20/2019

Brain Rules

Sleep - Brain Rules 1/3/2021

Learning/Memory - Brain Rules 1/3/2021

Teaching/Presenting - Brain Rules 1/3/2021

Exercise - Brain Rules 1/3/2021

Getting to Know God

Current Issues/Political Topics

Changing culture without being changed 6/20/2024

Christian witness of white evangelicals  10/21/2021

COVID Facts 10/2/2021

Why are Trump supporters not getting the Covid vaccine?  6/12/2021

When Trump Lost Power 6/8/2021

Recovering from President Trump 6/8/2021

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Pilot's Wife Claudia and Caiaphas 7/23/2021

Honest view of Virgin Mary (and Saints) 7/4/2019

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left Earth? 6/28/2019

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